Saraiki folk singers are traditional musicians who perform songs in the Saraiki language, which is spoken in the Punjab region of Pakistan. These singers are known for their unique style of singing that is heavily influenced by the culture and traditions of the Saraiki people. They typically perform at weddings, festivals, and other celebrations, and their music is often accompanied by traditional instruments such as the dhol and tumbi.

Some famous Saraiki folk singers include:

  • Alam Lohar, who is widely considered as one of the greatest folk singers of Pakistan. He sang mainly in Punjabi and Saraiki language and was famous for his traditional Punjabi and Saraiki Jugni.
  • Tufail Sanjrani, who is a well-known Saraiki folk singer from Pakistan. He has recorded many albums and has a large fan base in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Sain Zahoor, is a Pakistani Punjabi and Saraiki folk singer and Sufi musician from Pakistan. He is known for his traditional Punjabi and Saraiki folk music and his performances of Sufi devotional music.
  • Ghulam Ali, is a Pakistani Ghazal and Saraiki folk singer, from Pakistan. He is considered as one of the best Ghazal singers in Pakistan and India.

These singers have played a significant role in promoting the Saraiki culture and language through their music, and are considered as cultural ambassadors of the Saraiki people.

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