Saraiki movies and telefilms are films and television productions that are made in the Saraiki language, which is spoken in the Punjab region of Pakistan. These movies and telefilms typically focus on the culture and traditions of the Saraiki people, and often depict their daily lives and struggles. They are a great way to promote the Saraiki language and culture, as well as to provide entertainment for the Saraiki-speaking audience.

There have been some Saraiki movies and telefilms produced in Pakistan over the years, however, the production of such films is quite limited due to lack of government support and financial resources. These films are usually produced by independent filmmakers and are not widely distributed. Some of the Saraiki movies and telefilms that have been produced include:

  • Jugni
  • Sohni Dharti
  • Cholistan

Saraiki language dramas and telefilms also been shown on local television channels in Pakistan, but their production is also limited.

It is worth to mention that the Saraiki culture is rich and diverse and its representation on the media is limited, which is a missed opportunity to showcase it to the world.

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