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Saraiki is an Indo-Aryan language of the Lahnda group, spoken in the southwestern half of the province of Punjab in Pakistan. It was previously known as Multani, after its main dialect. Saraiki is also known as Belochki, Seraiki or Siraiki. Dialects include Sindhi Saraiki, Central Saraiki, Eastern Saraiki, Northern Saraiki and Southern Saraiki. It is closely related to Punjabi, Sindhi, Dogri and Dhatki. In Pakistan, Saraiki is written with a version of the Perso-Arabic alphabet, while in India, the Gurmukhi and Devanagari alphabets are used. It was written in the Multani script in Punjab until the early 20th century.

سرائیکی زبان ݙاڈھی مِٹھی زبان ہے. سرائیکی لوکیں دی آبادی تقریبًا 4 کروڑ ہے. سرائیکی وسیب دے پَںج ڈیویژن بہاول پُور، مُلتان، سرگودھا، دیرہ غازی خان اتے دیرہ اسماعیل خان ہِن. اِنہیں علاقِئیں وِچ سرائیکی لوکیں دی اکثریت ہے، اُنہیں وِچ بہاولپُور، بہاولنگر، رَحِیم یار خان، ڈیرہ غازِیخان، لَیّہ، راجن پُور، مُظفر گڑھ، مُلتان، خانیوال، لودھراں، پاکپتن، ساہِیوال، وِہاڑی، سرگودھا، بھکر، خُوشاب، مِیاںوالی، جھںگ اور دیرہ اِسماعِیل خان دے ضلعے شامل ہِن. بلوچستان دے وی کافی علاقِئیں وِچ سرائیکی ٻولی ویںدی ہے. ہِندوستان دے کافی علاقِئیں وِچ وی سرائیکی ٻولی ویںدی ہے. سرائیکی زبان پںجاب اتے سرحد وِچ اُردُو رسم​الخط وِچ لِکّھی ویںدی پَئی ہے اتے ایںکُوں پسند وی کریںدِن.

Saraiki, being the language of South Punjab, also has a deep impact on folk music. It is considered a ‘Sweet language, and folk music in the Saraiki language proves its sweetness. Two names are considered legends in Saraiki folk music. Ghulam Fareed, a poet famous for his Saraiki spiritual poetry and Pathanay Khan, a singer who is famous for singing the poetry of Ghulam Fareed. One of the masterpieces of Ghulam Fareed, sung by Pathanay Khan, is ‘Meda Ishq Wi Toon‘; check out this song to feel the true colour of love.

Saraiki Folk Media is an archive of Saraiki poetry, music, proverbs, and riddles. It’s a hand-picked collection of the greatest Saraiki folk & Sufi songs, the best of Saraiki poetry, and the classic Saraiki proverbs and riddles.

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