Sargodha – Saraikistan Travel Guide

Sargodha – Saraikistan Travel Guide

The expression “Sargodha” has its starting points in the words “sar” signifying “lake” and “godha” signifying “sadhu”. There are a few speculations about the inception of this name. One hypothesis is that it is gotten from the Sanskrit “svargadhama” signifying “wonderful habitation”. On the off chance that it was in this way, at that point it would have offered ascend to”Sargdham” in Punjabi. The most trusted hypothesis is that there was a lake in a center of town where a Hindu occupant “Godha” used to live. In Punjabi, “sar” is utilized for lake, so it is named as “Sargodha” which signifies “Lake of Godha”. This is likewise minimal opposing because request of words does not reflect Punjabi use. i.e. Amritsar, “The pool of nectar”.

The Sargodha City was established by Lady Trooper in 1903. Being the District Headquarters since 1940, Sargodha was moved up to the status of Divisional Headquarters in the year 1960. It is one of the arranged urban communities of a district where today Pakistan is available. It is just 1 hour and 33 minutes from Faisalabad which is a center of Textile Industry of Pakistan. Sargodha has run of the mill Punjabi culture. Individuals of Sargodha are exceptionally tranquil and tolerant. It is a very religion partner assorted city where dominant part is of Muslims, Christians are second in lion’s share and Hindus are third in number. Since the formation of Pakistan, not even a solitary time, there has been battle among individuals of various factions or religion has happened.


Places to Visit

Kirana Hills

The Kirana Hills is a small and extensive rocky mountain range located in Sargodha, Pakistan. It is also a place of tourist attraction in Sargodha City. Locally known as “Black Mountains” due to its brownish landscape, its highest peak is about 980 ft. (300 m).

This hill range covers large fertile land and are situated 14 miles away from Sargodha. This place is regarded as one of the best spots in Sargodha. Before independence this site has been regarded as a sacred site by Hindus.

Kirana Hills also features a small temple where an annual festival is held.


Remount Depot Mona


Remount Depot was built up in 1902 and is spread over a vast zone of more than 10,000 sections of land alongside the 660 sections of land woods. Warehouse today stands out as the prime rearing ground for fine quality ponies.

Auto vehicles are not permitted inside Mona Station from the principal entryway, you need to go through pony traveler trucks and carriages or through Tanga (Horse Cart). These trucks are reminiscent of a great past. Surreys utilized by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Queen Elizabeth II are there in plain view in the historical place alongside other Mid-19th Century’s utilized carriages. The spot is 90 km from city of Sargodha and around 24 km from Lahore.


Sher Shah Suri Mosque Bhera

This memorable mosque was worked by extraordinary Muslim warrior Sher Shah Suri in 1540 AD. The structure is very much safeguarded and cared for. There is additionally a data focus in the mosque which gives all help to anybody keen on investigating Bhera.

Sial Sharif


Sial Sharif

Sial Sharif is famous for the Sufi shrine of Khwajah Muhammad Shamsuddin Sialvi, popularly known as Pir Sial, who was a waliullah (saint) belonging to the Chishti order. His descendants, all of whom are believed to have reached the highest levels of sainthood (one of them is explicitly designated by the title Qutb-al-Aqtab), are also buried in the same shrin.Today the Khanqah (Zawya, i.e. Sufi convent) of Sial Sharif is countedzamong the foremost Chishti center of the Punjab, and indeed of the whole Indian subcontinent. Many spiritual personalities are or have been associated with Sial Sharif. Most notably, Pir Meher Ali Shah of Golra Sharif, the famous saint of the 20th century, was a faithful murid (disciple) of Pir Sial of Sial Sharif. Hazrat Pir Syed Haider Ali Shah sb, astana Aalia Jalal-Pur Shareef, these two were most prominent mureeds of Pir Sial Lajjpal also so many others like Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari of Bhera Sharif and Hazrat Molvi Abdul Ghani Chishti of Bareela Sharif.Attached to the spiritual center (referred to as Darbaar, i.e. court) at Sial Sharif, there is also a religious school (madrasa). Many other religious schools and mosques, scattered throughout Pakistan, are affiliated to the Darbaar of Sial Sharif. The Darbaar at Sial Sharif is closely linked to many other spiritual centres including the Darbar at Bhera Sharif.To this day, the Islamic spiritual tradition is very much alive in this (Nizami) branch of the Chishti order. Its barakah (spiritual influence, blessing) is experienced by tens of thousands of disciples and visitors. Every Friday, scores of devotees travel long distances just to attend the Jummah prayer there and obtain some blessings from the Holy Shrine.